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Precious Drops
Craftsmanship Magazine

Eurozone Gains Momentum--But Can It Last?

Getting stoned: Madagascar must try to reap more of a benefit from its plentiful gemstones
The Economist

Property Wrongs: How weak ideas gain strong appeal in the world of development economics
Foreign Policy

Introduction - Globalization: Challenge and Opportunity
Foreign Affairs

Egyptian women push for right to travel freely. As it is now, male relative's OK is required.
San Francisco Chronicle

Madagascar - No Stone Unturned. The search for sapphires in Madagascar is creating economic rifts, health crises
San Francisco Chronicle


WTO coverage

Restless in Seattle, Protests Mark First Day of Summit

Battle in Seattle Delays WTO Meeting

Failure in Seattle Makes Globalization Look a Little Further Off

G7 and IMF

As G7 Opens, Malaysia's Mahathir Finds Surprising Spot in Limelight

Leaders Fiddle As World Burns

IMF Gets Tough With Ecuador

The Winners and Losers in the Sanctions Game

Latin America

10 Things You Need to Know: For Wide Spreads and Cheap Stocks, Investors Can Join the Latin Club

Argentina Market Volatility Shakes Investors, Stirs Politicians

Middle East and Africa

South Africa Looks to Get Back on Investment Map

Oil-Rich Nigeria Sees the Glimmerings of Economic Potential

Eastern Europe

After the Berlin Wall: A symbol of Change in Greater Europe

CNNfn Interactive

American? Look elsewhere.

Prague, sans protesters. IMF, World Bank, ministerial meetings forge ahead with no interruption.

New IMF chief talks tough

Financial Times

Blair strikes a chord with Irish America: Peace moves complement growing realism

Measures to tame marching season on parade in US: Irish Americans told cycle of annual clashes can be broken

Gingrich and spirit of Ulan Bator

Net gains for the rural poor

Women Still Clinton's biggest fans

US companies 'take advantage of Chinese sweatshop labour'


Dr. Ossian Sweet's Black Life Mattered

Abortion law in South Dakota - Fire Thunder's lightning Turning to tribal sovereignty as a way, perhaps, to get round the law
The Economist

Impeaching the president
Cries from here and there - Spasms of discontent at the grassroots

The Economist

Sacred or Profane - A Hawaiian row about who owns the placenta
The Economist

Native Americans and energy: Dancing with windmills
The Economist

A city prepares: Police, the mayor and the governor all at odds in John Kerry's hometown
The Economist

The Great Outdoors: Backpacker Power...In which the governor of Utah finds himself in a tricky spot
The Economist

Day-labour centres: An answer or a problem?
The Economist

A living wage: Getting high in Santa Fe
The Economist

Retirement communities: Isn't this gay, dear?
The Economist

The Redemption of Swine: Can Ken Lay Make a Comeback?


Book Reviews

How It Gets There From Here- With McPhee Riding Shotgun
New York Observer

The Struggle for Reform In Globalization's Back Office
New York Observer

Greed is Good: AN EMPIRE OF WEALTH, The Epic History of American Economic Power
New York Times

Buddy Cianci - Never say never again:
The "true story of America's most notorious mayor, some wiseguys, and the Feds"

The Economist

America's black economy - Pot, porn and prison
Three essays about the booming black market, charting corruption and desperation

The Economist

Sun and Shadows: A Veteran Africa - watcher paints his impression of the continent's progress and pain

A Buck of One's Own - The U.S. Dollar, then and now

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